Sexy babe gets her face fucked

Sexy babe gets her face fucked

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Daffy Fuck said:
Submit to the moment and enjoy the domination.
on March 7, 2022
Michelle said:
Just awful. I feel for every woman who's been victim to this cruelness. don't stop to consider what it's like to be in HER shoes. Forget about your dick for a second, put it away completely, and think what it's like if you were in HER position. Stick a cucumber into your throat, then think what if that was out of your control and ramming down at full speed? Women are people too, they feel pain and suffering too. For them this is a very real and lived experience, and one that is completely separate from the feelings of satisfaction YOU are feeling in the moment. Just something I hope you will re-consider, if anyone is bothering to read this.
on August 14, 2019